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Chem Trails

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At first I was in complete denial.

For the novice, when you look up in the sky and see the jets flying over head. You notice the vapor trails they sometimes leave in their wake? I always just thought that was some kind of exhaust.

But over the past couple years, jets just aren’t making periodic travels, in the sky’s above there seem to be more just flying around. Like a regular flight routine for training. And with every trip, the exhaust remained. This past summer there were more and more in the skies above Leduc and apparently across the province.

And then I heard the term Chem Trails. Originally I was told this was just putting chemicals in the clouds to keep the lightening under control during fire season. Hmm…. I’d never heard of that. But there were just more and more.

And then one of my friends said there was more then meets the eye involved.

148 pages of formulas.

But wait, there’s more.

Now that warning is a little disconcerting.

That US patent details the process by which the chemicals are mixed.

And all that sticky staining stuff is what comes down from the sky covering EVERYTHING. Apparently this stuff also makes it inside homes and you can really see it when you clean your mirrors and inside windows. Basically this sprayed chemical goes everywhere. Our water table, every part of our food chain, and of course the air that we breath and travel in.

I’m sure this is just fake news by a bunch of overly concerned people. There’s no way our Government would allow or support the spraying of chemicals that aren’t good for humans is there?

With all this hype going on around Global Warming, you may ask the question is this spraying affecting the climate? Or maybe you wonder who made the decision to spray these chemicals into our air and clouds? And maybe you might ask what public input into this plan was given? Hopefully we have more coming on this shortly by people in the know.

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