The first and only focus of Alberta Priority is to represent exclusively the Citizens of the Province of Alberta.

Alberta is one of the greatest regions in the World. One of the most advantageous Provinces in all of Canada, rich in our People, Industry, and Natural Resources. With a cross between strong Agricultural, Oil & Gas, Technology, and budding Industry we offer unique opportunities for the future.

Alberta Priority believes that at this time Albertan’s need to be taken care of first. Our freedom, our future, our goals and direction need to be the front runners in any decided policy or action. We believe that any outside interest, policy, or agenda needs stopping at Alberta’s Provincial borders unless reflecting towards that ultimate goal of Alberta’s needs first.

A) Economy 

Our party believes that Alberta should have a diverse economy and upon forming  government we shall encourage all forms of industry in Alberta that will benefit the people of  our nation. As a government we shall not be a partner or member of the World Economic  Forum. We do not believe any globalist organization has the best interests of Alberta as their  goal, and we shall not partner or enter into any agreements with those organizations.  

B) Health Care 

Health care is a major concern of Albertans. We believe that the best health system for  the people of Alberta will be through the implementation of both public and private health care  services to meet the needs of all Albertans, as well as providing the best qualified medical staff  and services to the people. 

C) Education 

We believe the public needs to have choices in determining their child’s education. between either private or public education. Our party believes that many issues be fixed within  the education system from classroom size, to ensuring that students are taught to be critical  thinkers. Identity politics will be removed from all classrooms, educators shall be held  accountable for their performance and a high baseline level education shall be implemented.  

D) Justice & Law 

The justice system will be recreated, and Alberta will implement its own Criminal Code,  with counties and municipalities enacting local laws. We do not believe that judges should have  the power to rewrite laws that have been enacted by duly elected representatives. 

Judges shall be elected, not appointed to ensure their ability to remain impartial and  unbiased. We will transition from the current Common Law system to a Civil Law system so  that all Albertans will know the standard by which they will be judged. Judges that do not  abide by a Code of Conduct set out by the people of Alberta shall be removed from the bench.

The current court system will be reorganized into three courts; the District Court, the  Superior Court, and the Supreme Court. Superior Courts shall sit in the major centers with the  Supreme Court sitting in the Capitol. 

There shall be a new Provincial police force created that shall be responsible for the  policing of our Province working along side of other National and International Police forces to fight crime. 

A new correctional system shall be created with the goal to rehabilitate minor offenders  and to ensure violent offenders remain incarcerated and feel the weight of punishment. 

E) Military 

Alberta shall create the Alberta Defense Force to defend our nation, province, and to serve in times  of natural disasters.  

F) Foreign Relations 

We believe it is important to become the best possible ally to nations that respect our  interests, lifestyle, customs, and beliefs. Alberta will create the office of the Secretary of Relations  to engage in foreign relations.  

The Secretary of Relations shall be responsible for overseeing our ambassadors to other  nations and their missions. We do not believe it is in the best interests of Albertans to become a  member state of the United Nations.  

G) Immigration 

We believe that immigration is a privilege, not a right. Only the best and most qualified  individuals that will contribute to Alberta’s growth as a nation shall be permitted to enter and  stay as a landed immigrant. Strict immigration policies shall be enacted and enforced. 

H) Trade 

We believe international trade is very important to Alberta as a Province. Alberta will  create a new Secretary of Trade to ensure that International trade agreements shall be made  with nations that respect our rights and do not threaten the well-being of Albertans. 

Trade agreements shall be made with countries that do not interfere with the interests of Alberta. Alberta shall not recognize any existing international trade agreements entered into by Canada without first agreeing each agreement benefits Alberta and Albertans.

I) Customs & Border Protection 

A new border protection agency, the Alberta Border Protection Agency (ABPA), shall be  created that will be responsible for the security of Alberta’s borders. The ABPA shall also be  responsible for customs and excise. 

J) Environment

We believe that a healthy environment must be kept, thus ensuring the health of Alberta and to continue to have resources for future generations. Monitoring and enforcement  of Alberta’s environment shall be done by and within Alberta through the creation of  an Environmental Health Agency. As a Province we shall not participate in any global  climate agenda. Albertan’s must be the masters of their own destiny. 

K) Currency and Banking 

We believe that currency stability will create a stable economy for the  people of Alberta.  We will not participate in the movement towards digital currency. We will only participate in the Gold Standard system only printing the currency that is reflected by the gold held.

L ) Federal Deflection Management

We believe that the Canadian Federal Government and it’s Departments make many decisions that adversely affect that which Albertan’s hold dear. This must be stopped. To this end we will form a Provincial Agency whose sole responsibility shall be to review current and incoming Federal Policies, Laws, and Decisions and if required have them changed, opt out, and stopped at our Provincial borders. They shall be tasked with investigating all methodology and develop a plan to eliminate these infringements. From negotiations, compromise, discussion, legal action, up to and including holding a Provincial Referendum on Separation, Alberta must be allowed to protect our interests without interference. Their conclusions shall be directed to the Party, and the Party Executive shall decide action.